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ROCK IN, *Unplugged*

October 23, Oslo


BREWGATA, *Unplugged*

November 22,Oslo



2018 Currently booking!

Mirramaze were named one of the key bands to watch out for' by Norwegian Metal Hammer in 2016. 'Weep and Moan' was hailed as 'one of the year's best songs'. Since then they have been honing the sound for their debut acoustic album to be recorded in February 2018. For a three piece, the band sounds absolutely enormous Cello and hard hitting drums are combined with hand made instruments and far out effect loops. The combination leaves you feeling kicked in the guts by an army not three folk from east side Oslo. Their music is at times soft Celtic and Pagan at others progressive and hard. They carve out their own genre going from sweet ballads like 'Weep and Moan' to heavy symphonic numbers with an eastern flavour in 'Riding the Unicorn' and 'Suffocation'. It is easy to be reminded of Led Zeppelin's acoustic endeavours at times, at others Woven Hand or even possibly that you have just taken the brown acid at a medieval fare.


The band are currently booking shows for 2018. Here are some songs from their preproduction. This was recorded live in 6 hours. The only overdubs are the exhausted vocals done in a couple of hours. Check out the size for a live recording.


Robert Evans (Manager).


Rise Again

Turning Circles


Mean Things


Weap and Moan Teaser

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